Ally Thacker

Alexandra Thacker is a performance maker, writer and creative practitioner based in London. She began writing and directing as a student, running her own theatre society for children. She joined Encore productions while studying her BA (Hons) in Dance, Drama and Aerial performance, attaining a multitude of leading roles with the company which led her to work as an extra in a film shooting for Naughty Corner Productions in 2017. She is currently a Masters Performance Practice as Research student at the Royal Central school of Speech and Drama, with her current enquiry delving into the concept of ‘Exposing too much’.

No amount of words

Exposing too much; delving into the frailty of emotional vulnerability and tackling problematic mentalities. This practice aims to interrogate the utilisation of technology in relation to speech, and to explore how technology might create a platform for individual verbal expression within a visceral environment. Drawing from Butler’s proposition that

‘the context of speaking is a bodily act…whatever is said not only passes through the body but constitutes a certain presentation of the body’ (2004:172)

This practice questions individual boundaries through an autobiographical lense and how an ambiguous presentation can influence personal confession, challenging contemporary perceptions in relation to ‘speaking up. This practice asks the individual; where to begin?

JUNE 26TH AND 28TH, 7:15 PM