Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens is a theatre artist and experience designer interested in the radical possibilities of conversation. Her work as a solo artist and with the collective The Dilettantes have been curated and produced at the Art Institute of Chicago, Steppenwolf Theater Company’s LookOut Series, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre’s Shakespeare 400, and Chicago Humanities Festival. Rebecca was the 2013-2014 Co-Interpreter in Residence at University of Chicago's Smart Museum of Art where she created the interactive exhibit The Art of Experience.She is a graduate of Northwestern University and the professional Leadership Program at Steppenwolf Theater Company.

What to do with All These Feelings

How do feelings shape our experience of the world? How do we record and remember them? ‘What to do with All These Feelings’ is a one on one performance encounter that invites visitors to sit with the artist for a conversation. By examining the role of conversation in relational art, this performance installation investigates how ‘affect’ shifts from present to past as it is captured and examined by its subjects. Blurring the boundaries between past/present and self/others, this work asks both how affective states are produced between bodies in live encounters.
JUNE 25TH - 28TH, 2:00 - 8:30PM