XIE Tiantian 谢天添

XIE Tiantian 谢天添 is a Chinese performer, theatre practitioner and experimental director currently based in London. His recent practice explores the linear space between a real world event and the memories of the public, utilising ‘archives’ in the process. He works with a creative theatrical company, in which he communicates between the UK and China as a production assistant. In 2016, he attained a first class BA degree of Acting from Chongqing University in China. His physical theatre piece entitled <RE: Turn> was nominated in ‘Rising Artists’ Works’ of the 18th Shanghai International Arts Festival. While studying at university, he was given the opportunity as an award to travel to the National Taiwan University (NTU) as an exchange student from 2014 to 2015.

 THE ROOM OF AMBIGUITY              

                                         239 People                                          
                                       4397 kilometers                                        
                                      Boeing 777-200ER                                      
                                  Kuala Lumpur to Beijing                                 
‘One of the biggest mysteries in modern aviation history’ -- CNN
Cause unknown, new search ongoing, some debris found ?
                                Malaysia Airlines MH 370                                
                                Six hours and ten minutes                                
                               01:19, 8 March 2014 (MYT)                                
                            2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018....                         

THE ROOM OF AMBIGUITY is an interactive installation, which displays archival documentation of passengers who boarded the disappeared aircraft in 2014. It attempt to archive the event in a way that is both unbiased and which also provides a particular identity for each participant. This encounter aims to unravel the notion of performing archives embedded in a tragic real-world event and explores ways in which the choices and reactions of participants can become a method of archiving. This emerging practice is situated within the idea of a process by which ‘human beings create and handle the archives and [ …] how archives are formative in shaping history, and thus influence human beings and give form to our thoughts and ideas(Borggreen, 2013:10).