Zia Ali

Zia is a performance practitioner currently based in London. Drawing on his background as an interfaith minister, Zia creates rite-of-passage ritual and mythical stories as interventions for young people who are either culturally marginalised or transitioning out of the criminal justice system. He has worked worldwide with communities in conflict and post-conflict regions, including Afghanistan during the peak of the war. He consults for artists and leaders on the application of mythology and ritual and has been working for the last year as a think-tank facilitator with Akram Khan Company.

Devouring the Fable

Fables, and especially animal fables, are an enduring cultural phenomena, a way of making moral and behavioural codes through exemplifying ‘good’ and ‘bad’ animals. Jacques Derrida in his ‘Beast and the Sovereign’ refers to the theme of ‘devouring’ in the animal fable; that some form of devouring takes place, be it one animal trying to eat another, or consuming something that the other has. But what would happen if the ‘devouring’ was delayed? Would the roles or identities of the animal characters change, and what might emerge in the space between them?  Within an ritualised environment called the Bestiary and drawing on storytelling, movement and play, Zia invites the audience to participate in an embodied disruption of a fable as a way of investigating how the fable is situated, constructed and potentially remade in both body and space.

JUNE 26TH 4 - 7PM